Setting maximum send out email

There was a strange request recently. I had to maximize the sending emails given per day. Every email after should not be sent. I understand that with the help of this the client can keep email sending budget in control... but come on... 

So here are the steps, how I made it:

Add a new block to the EventServiceProvider. We will connect to the MessageSending event:

// app/Providers/EventServiceProvider.php

\Illuminate\Mail\Events\MessageSending::class => [

Create the `EmailmessageSendingListener.php`, I commented in the code, so I think it will self explanatory.

// inside EmailmessageSendingListener.php

// We don't want to typehint the event right now, however we could.

public function handle(object $event) { // KEY CONTAINS CURRENT DATE ALSO $key = date('Y-m-d'); $todaysRecord = DB::table('email_sent_quotas')->where('date', $key)->first(); $count = 0; // CREATE A CACHE KEY FOR THE EMAIL SENT AND INCREMENT IT IF EXISTS if (! $todaysRecord) { DB::table('email_sent_quotas')->insert(['date' => $key, 'count' => 1]); $count = 1; } else { // INCREMENT HERE, SO WE WILL NOW IF THEY ARE EXCEED THE QUOTA AND HOW MUCH DB::table('email_sent_quotas')->where('date', $key)->increment('count', 1); $count = $todaysRecord->count + 1; } // GET THE TRESHOLD FROM THE CONFIG FILE $threshhold = config('interreg-danube.max_emails_per_day'); if ($count > $threshhold) { return false; } }

As you can see, it uses a database table. You can use Redis also. However I don't suggest Cache, becase in case you clear the cache, you will loose this tracked data also.

Now create a new migration and paste the content from here:

* Run the migrations.
public function up(): void
    Schema::create('email_sent_quotas', function (Blueprint $table) {

* Reverse the migrations.
public function down(): void

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